Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Giving a Woman What She Wants: 3 Questions

From a recent interview with a student, we selected these 3 questions on Deliberate Orgasm and giving a woman what she wants:

What do you like about DOing?
It’s a deliberate way to learn and to experience and to have fun with her body. With DOing I’ve learned more about her body than I ever thought possible and it’s a way that we can communicate while we are sexing and while I have my finger on her clit I get to find out what she likes and the more I found out the more important and interesting it has become every date I feel like I learn more about her body.

How has DOing added to your sex life?
You know, I never really knew about women and DOing is a way to learn about women about what they want, the pleasure they want in their lives and the aspect of communication while you’re having a DO date and asking her what she wants or thinking of things and using the training cycle and asking her if she wants a longer stroke and then getting feedback on what she wants. I felt like those blocks have been built along the way of, I know what she wants and I have a way to ask her what she wants if I think of something new.

What does the guy get out of it?
What the guy gets out of DOing and deliberate orgasm is a happy woman. You know, from my experience this is the way that you can have a happy woman. If you don’t have a happy woman in your life and you have that thought that you’d really like to have a happy woman in your life, this is a way that you can do it, because you can give her all the orgasm that she wants and she wants orgasm in her life. That’s one thing I know, that women want orgasm and all the experiences that I’ve ever had with women, they wanted orgasm. And if you’re thinking about getting some more orgasm in your woman’s life, this is a way to do it, deliberate orgasm, DOing is a way to have happiness and to have a happy woman.

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