Friday, July 24, 2009

Creating Female Orgasm, Every Time and Anytime

The following is a podcast of a live interview by Crystal Bougon of Better Sex Radio with Francoise and Rachael of the Welcomed Consensus. Listen in and find out what makes Deliberate Orgasm deliberate, why “date” night will never be the same, and how anyone can reliably create orgasm in a woman’s body, every time and anytime.

Here is an excerpt-
"Crystal: Every time and anytime, now that is very intriguing because we know there is lots of woman out there that have issues with having orgasm on a regular basis. Have some dysfunction around it, or just can’t focus enough to have one. So how to we get to this point where we get one every time? How do we get reliable like that?

Francoise: The clitoris having the highest concentration of nerve endings and when both people have their attention who is receiving the pleasure and the woman herself can keep her attention on her body, she can relax, she doesn’t have to think and wonder, am I going to have to return anything, am I going to have to do anything. So she can focus on her own body, she can relax..."

Listen Now:

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